ACTG (Aids Clinical Trials Group) at Moi University  


I started working for ACTG (Aids Clinical Trials Group) under Moi University CRC in 2005. My background includes a BSC in IT and an MBA featuring in Strategic Management. Our site is funded by NIH and in the recent past the MRC in the UK.

I have dealt with numerous ACTG studies vastly comparing the locally available regimen and study provided regimen in participants with HIV, TB and Kaposi’s sarcoma both Advanced Stage and Limited Stage to find out which is of them is superior. All the studies occur across the continent and mainly in LRS (Limited Resource Settings). My work includes randomizing- enrolling eligible participants to the different studies, quality assurance- validating that their data is correct before final export, performing double data entry as part of ensuring quality of data, data entry using eData which is an electronic database that requires synchronizing on a daily basis, responding to issues arising during data handling and  also order entry which involves making online orders for case report forms and other supplies for use by the study form the data management center based at Amherst in New York. I also dealt with MRC (Medical Research Council) - UK studies such as Reality and Earnest (publication available here)  whose databases (EARNEST database available here) were internet based.

The major challenge so far is lack of an efficient and reliable internet which makes it problematic in dealing with the internet based databases and may lead to data delinquencies in our African setting (LRS). Another challenge is that some databases are not customized in the sense that what you see on the paper CRFs is not what you get in the database.

My team and I have achieved outstanding performance in data management a score of 98% on average, which is scored on a monthly basis in comparison with other ACTG research sites across the globe. The score is based on data completeness, data quality responsiveness to potential errors and also responsiveness to potential queries. We have also undergone numerous data management training based on the various studies both locally and internationally.



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