Data Manager  - Be Sirithiranont



based at MORU


My name is Pasathorn Sirithiranont but everyone knows me as Be. In Thailand, it is common that people has 2 names, one which is supposed to be short will be called between family and friends and another one will be the formal name, even though some short names and formal names are not related. About me, I got Bachelor of Pharmacy from Silpakorn University in Thailand and Master of Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology in Australia.


I have been working as a clinical data manager with MORU (Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit) since October 2012.  During working here, I have involved in a few research areas such as Malaria, Melioidosis, Scrub typhus and PK study in healthy volunteers.


One of my interesting, complicating and every day challenging study is mass drug administration trial. It is known as ‘TME’, ‘TCE’ or ‘TMT’ which are called differently in each country. The study is about the elimination of malaria by giving study drug to every participant in selected area. In this study, the challenging in terms of data management are the high number of participants (more than 10,000 participants at the end of the study), different data management process of each site and the new technology used for data collection.


I would mention only the challenging of the new technology that is used in this study. At the beginning of the study, the MORU data management team was assigned to find the tool to collect data and to get the data fast and also reduce the paper due to the high number of participants. Then, Nut, was one of our team, found the tool called ODK (Open Data Kit) which is a mobile device application for data collection and introduced to me. The concept is the mobile device will get the blank form from cloud and the users collect the data into the device with no internet connection required. However, the data will get transferred to the cloud once there is the internet connection. With this application, we could get the data quickly and the number of paper can be reduced. Nevertheless, ODK has the limitation of validation set up so I have used it for collecting questionnaire data. Therefore, there will be many source of data came to me, for example excel or paper. However, at last, the data will be stored in one database system, OpenClinica. As there are large number of participants, to import the data from excel into OpenClinica is not easy. Thus, Ong, one of our team, has produced the application to assist as OCdataimporter. It is used for helping create the subjects in the system, scheduling the event and import the data which is very helpful and could reduce time for many processes in importing data. Furthermore, Paddy, one of our team, has developed the fingerprint scanner system to use for subject identification.


From this study, I had learnt a lot about team work as all of us in the team had contributed something in this study. Also, the study always keeps my brain active to think of the better solution for each site or day-to-day problem solving. 


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