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Hi there
One of our members has emailed me asking about the status of EpiData, and development going forward. I know that it is quite a vibrant platform that is constantly being developed. What is your experience of this, and future potential for using on small studies, of low risk, in developing countries?
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  • osayouba Sayouba OUEDRAOGO 5 Mar 2013

    I working with EpiData and I use it for several studies. It's simple to use and you can pur checks, do double entry. You can find more information here:

  • avez vous des information conçernant Epinut? merçi à la prochaine

  • hvanloen Harry van Loen 12 Mar 2013

    Les membres de ADMIT ne semblent pas d'avoir des information en particulier sur EPINUT. Mais j'ai trouvé quelque informations qui peuvent vous aider à (groupe de recherche espagnol)

    ADMIT members do not seem to have particular information on EPINUT. But I found some information that may help you at (Spanish research group on nutrition)

  • sopheaksok Sok Sopheak 14 Mar 2013

    Hi, I am Data Manager. I just play with EpiData during my training, but I never have practice with real project.
    As I quick look at EpiData website. The new version which will be replace the EpiData Entry v 3.1 is the EpiData Project Tools (new version). This will be more better I hope and compatible with many platforms such (Windows, Linux, and Mac).
    see this link for more detail and download it. (

  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 21 Mar 2013

    Am a student and Data Manager.
    Am using VB10 and SQL Server 2005, the ASP.NET platform
    in developing my application and I find it very interesting.


    MSDN Subscription is the best way to get exactly what you need for your next challenging project.

    Am yet to learn EpiData and OpenClinica Softwares.

  • soumana78 Souna Garba Soumana 22 Apr 2013

    I am data manager from more than two years and I still use Epidata. This is a very easy to use but does require that we have the concepts in the database for its highly structured input masks. It is better adapted to incorporate input controls. Another highlight is the import of data, so it can import data in most statistical software. But its only flaw is that the safety aspect is not taken into account. So anyone can have access to your computer can access your data.

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