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We are planning to collect GPS data of more than 250 household for the extensive study of Kala-azar cases. We have 3 Garmin GPS Machine and little bit knowledge of how to handle it. My question is to the experts who already have such experience

1 ) Which software is easy to use (from beginning) to make map of study site ?
2 ) Do you sggest any open source software with enough support (Online community support)


GIS GPS Software

  • andrewpayne Andrew Payne 10 Jan 2014

    It depends to a certain extent on the level of sophistication you want to achieve. Are you hoping to create a static map with pins to indicate the locations of the cases? For example, something like:

    If so you should check out this page:

    Some technical skills are required.

    For a more sophisticated map applications that we use in WWARN got to the following and click on Launch :



  • cnyundo Chris Nyundo 13 Jan 2014

    open source gis software can be useful for simple descriptinve maps and analytical maps to some extent depending on the level of details required. Quantum GIS and GRASS are some open source gis software. checkout from the link

  • johnstonethitiri Johnstone Thitiri 15 Jan 2014

    We are now completing a 4 year trial in Malnutrition, run in 2 urban towns in Kenya, with participants mainly residing in informal slum settlements- We have over 1200 map tracks in record.
    1. We have used Mapsource to handle the tracks.
    2. Mapsource is open source and has served us well.


  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 21 Jan 2014

    Dear All,

    Thanks a lot am impressed with your suggestions and answers am much enlightened and educated with the various websites provided is being ages since I worked with GPS/GPRS in a research of these kind discussed.

    Many thanks.


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