I am currently Data Manager. I spent 6 years with this job, but just last 2 years that I known about Data Management for Clinical Research. However, I am still not yet well-know on this skills. My background is computer sciences and engineering, which my skills is Software and Database. Most people here still confused that Data Management is IT/Database Developer.
As I understood, Data Management Skills are:
- IT/Database Developer background: 50% or more
- Medical/Research knowledge: 25%
- Basic Statistic knowledge: 15%
- Administrative and other knowledge: 10%

So if we need the data management people ( I suppose that those need to have these above).

Any comments or suggest on this topic, please feel free to comments.

Thanks for your time and knowledge to share with us.


Data Management Skills

  • anish Anish Bhattarai 24 Jun 2013

    I had read somewhere that a database developer or database administrator can manage, create, delete and update a database but data manager can just update and manage (complete fields). He can't create or delete database. It means, in general, database administrator has more privilege on database than the manager.

  • herculekalonji Hercule Kalonji 24 Jun 2013

    That's right, A database developper has more privilege on the database than the data manager. In some cases, the database developper is also the data manager. In that case, the data manager will have more privileges.

  • sopheaksok Sok Sopheak 25 Jun 2013

    Dear Hercule and Anish,

    I totally agreed with you. I just want to add more. Data Manager can come from various backgrounds, but s/he need more additional knowledge or skill with Statistical, Research concept and Administrative; because if s/he want to become a good data manager, s/he need to know more about how to:
    - manage data in properly either electronic or paper-base
    - assure that data is collected/entry complete and accuracy
    - keep all data in safety place with high security
    - document process/procedure of data management process
    - document database system (data dictionary, edit check, etc)
    - play role as a facilitator of research/study between IT guys, Researcher, and Statistician
    - manage, supervisor, lead and train the data management staff for task works, skill, etc and doing performance appraisal to all of them

    There may be more than I experienced with.

    Please add more or correct me if you found a blur information.


  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 29 Jun 2013

    Hi and dear All,

    I think that there are difference between the database developer or programmer, an Administrator, and a data manager as to their privileges, in the sense that both the developer and the admin have higher privileges as to the data manager. Usually, the data manager just manage and see to the proper functioning of the database created. whereas the developer and the admin, create or develop the database itself with all the logic implementations and other coding.That is my opinion.

    But i also think it may differ as to what a data manager does within a particular study or project.

    This is a supplement to what Anish, Hercule and Sopheak has posted.


    Juaben - Kumasi, Ghana.

  • herculekalonji Hercule Kalonji 1 Jul 2013

    Hi Juaben, Sophiak and Anish, and all
    Thank you for this discussion which helped us to know more about such differencies between data manager and database developer.
    In the data managment, there are many confusions about using some terms like, CRF etc...
    maybe we can think to write a document to explain all terms used in data management.

    Hercule Kalonji

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