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How do you choose what data management system to use when conducting a clinical research study? What challenges have you faced? Have your say!

To ensure researchers in low resource settings are able to produce quality data that meets worldwide industry standards, The Global Health Network has undertaken a comparative evaluation of thirteen clinical data management systems to assess them for their suitability in low resources settings.

As part of this evaluation, we would like to hear from you please share your experience and views below. Specifically we want to know:

• About the systems you use or have used in the past and strengths and/or limitations from your
• What do you think about the conclusions made in the evaluation?
• Do you think this is an area that needs investment and capacity strengthening?

You can read the evaluation here:

Results will be published alongside the evaluation with the hope of guiding stakeholders such as funding bodies on the best way forward for a solution that meets the needs of researchers in low resource settings to produce quality data that makes a difference.

Thank you
The Global Health Network Team


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  • christeenjonathan Christeen Jonathan Dec. 13, 2018

    Hey Lauren Whelan, I have something to share on this topic. As the amount of data keeps increasing day by day, it is tedious to properly store and organize data for research purposes. Especially, when it comes to clinical research, researchers usually depend upon hospital data which are normally stored as EHR and other archiving systems. Manual search for suitable record is one of the most tiresome part of our work, right? What if it can be also automatically filtered out from multiple data sources and properly stored in a single database? Isn’t it a good idea? It will help the researchers to get more precise data regarding their area of interest.

    I can share you an example of a healthcare automation system ( ) which automatically logs in to external systems which contains health information from patients, caretakers, doctors etc. , converts it in to a desired format for ease of processing & stores it on a central database for further use by hospital authorities/ doctors / researchers. It’s a quite simple solution but I believe that it is possible to implement an advanced version of this similar technique where data from multiple clinical data resources are effectively filtered out and stored on to a central database for ease of use. It will improve research capabilities by enabling our access to high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data while saving time and efforts spend on manually processing the same. Such digital innovations can make research much easy nowadays. What do you think?

  • christeenjonathan Christeen Jonathan Dec. 13, 2018

    I'm attaching a case study document of the above mentioned system for your reference.

    Attached files: Robotic-Process-Automation-Enhancing-Healthcare.pdf

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