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From the Vanderbilt University, Department of Biomedical Informatics:

We are writing to inform you of a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offering that starts next week. The course is available to anyone at no cost (regardless of location or institution affiliation) and will run approximately 5-weeks. In this first-run of the course, we will likely not be offering certificates or credit - but believe the content should be valuable to anyone interested in data collection/management and clinical & translational research. We will be leveraging REDCap in the course for examples and assignments, but the material will focus primarily on higher level principles.

This course is designed to teach important concepts related to research data planning, collection, storage and dissemination. We will offer information and best-practice guidelines for 1) investigator-initiated & sponsored research studies, 2) single- & multi-center studies, and 3) prospective data collection & secondary-reuse of clinical data for purposes of research. The curriculum will balance theoretical guidelines with the use of practical tools designed to assist in planning and conducting research. Real-world research examples, problem solving exercises and hands-on training will ensure students are comfortable with all concepts.

If you're interested in taking the course, please click on the link below and sign up through the Coursera website.


  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 19 Oct 2013

    Am really enjoying the coursera course on data management for clinical research.Is pretty cool. We are in week 5 already and the last among the 5 weeks scheduled for the course.

  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 19 Oct 2013

    We have learnt how to plan data collection and also how to capture electronic data using the REDCap data capture instrument. It comes with video tutorials which are very useful and helpful.

  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 31 Oct 2013

    Dear All,
    The below link is the URL to an instrument created in REDCap for Rice Consumption Survey.

    Could you be so kind to use this EDC instrument to send me feedback for my analysis.

    Thank you,


  • yclaeys Yves Claeys 4 Nov 2013

    Hi Godfred,
    I am glad that you didi the course and you liked it..
    I filled in the survey. It looks good. The edit check fired well on out of range data (although 185cm is not that high to be flagged). It can be interesting sometimes to enable free text in case 'other' is selected for in order to specify.

  • thankyoudoc OWUSU-ANSAH GODFRED 27 Nov 2013

    Dear Yves,

    Thank you very much for your comments am most glad and will see to develop more of it to improve on it.

    Thank you.



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