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ACADM: Academic Data Management Network (Additional interest for native French speakers)

I would like to introduce this group of Data Managers working in acadmec settings like most of us ADMIT members. Because we have the same goals and chalanges you may be interested in their achievements and prospects.

'AcaDM has been created in November 2008, this professional network is the only one in France dedicated to data management activities in academic clinical research .
It brings together data managers from University Hospitals, Cancer research Centres, learned societies and government agencies. It provides a forum for discussion between experts in order to standardize and improve practices.'


To share experience
To work on Data Management topics and issue
To promote data management activities

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FDA Webinar: Final : Electronic Source Data In Clinical Investigations (Procedural) - 29-01-2014

On January 29, 2014, from 2:00PM - 3:00PM EST, FDA will present a webinar on a final guidance for industry titled “Electronic Source Data in Clinical Investigations."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the availability of a final guidance for industry titled “Electronic Source Data in Clinical Investigations.” This final guidance provides recommendations to sponsors, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), clinical investigators, and others involved in the capture, review, and retention of electronic source data in FDA-regulated clinical investigations. In an effort to streamline and modernize clinical investigations this guidance promotes capturing source data in electronic form, and it is intended to assist in ensuring the reliability, quality, integrity, and traceability of data from electronic source to electronic regulatory submission.

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Indian Journal of Medical Ethics

The Indian Journal of Medical Ethics is a platform for discussion on health care ethics, with special reference to the problems of developing countries. Research ethics is frequently covered, with papers potentially of interest for clinical data managers and clinical researchers both in the South and the North.

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WWARN Toolkit

The WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) has developed a Toolkit which contains a growing portfolio of tools and services to promote high-quality antimalarial efficacy and laboratory testing. These include also tools for data collection and analysis.
Even if malaria-specific, the Toolkit may offer precious guidance also to data managers active in other fields.

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Directory of Open Access Journals

This page lists open access journals, here for health sciences.

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