These SOP's were created on the 2nd Switching the Poles Data Management Workshop at ITM Antwerp in 2011 by a joined effort of the attending members*. These SOP's have since been updated and harmonized by James Smedley and Yves Claeys to present the first version at the 3rd DM Workshop in Varanasi, India (2013).

This list contains several key SOP's which are usefull during the overall Data Management process. The name of the documents are built up as 'ADMIT-XXX-YY-TYPE-Title'

  • XXX: SOP number in sequential order of the overall DM proces
  • YY: Sequential number of the documents within the same SOP
  • TYPE: Can be 'SOP', 'Template', 'Example',..
  • Title: Descriptive title of the document

SOP's are never final and can be updated based on comments of all members of the ADMIT Network after internal review. Your proposals or templates are appreciated and more than welcome!

But we believe this provides an excellent base for all to perform Data Management tasks in a more uniform and harmonized way!

*Thanks to everyone contributing to the first drafts:

Anish Bhattarai, Arouna Woukeu, Harry van Loen, Hercule Kalonji, Hiwott Tilahun, James Smedley, Martin Omello, Mary Thiongo, Paritosh Malaviya, Robert Meester, Sayouba Ouedraogo, Sopheal Sok, Sun Sokleng, Yves Claeys


Data Management  SOP  



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